Depression Treatment

Depression is a disorder which takes different forms and has many possible causes. It occurs in nearly everyone's life at some time and for some of us it is a pattern that can reoccur throughout life. A clearly defined and unique treatment is necessary for each individual and I have specialized training and a wealth of experience in creating and carrying out these one-of-a-kind treatment plans.

Medication alone for the treatment of depression is not the treatment of choice, even though it is often done. In fact, medical research repeatedly tells us that psychotherapy is as effective in reducing the symptoms of depression as medication, and sometimes psychotherapy has even been shown to work better. For example, individual therapy can teach you the skills you need to cope with and overcome depression and, because of what you have learned, you may well prevent its return. Many people find that the combination of psychotherapy and an antidepressant medication works best. I always respect whatever treatment options you choose for yourself.

Psychotherapy for depression can combine Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, lifestyle changes, Interpersonal Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, relationship work and choices from a number of other therapy modalities. It is truly wonderful to help you create a sense of mastery over depression's symptoms so that you can experience lasting feelings of contentment and happiness in your future.

Randi Ferrell Vazquez has provided counseling for 25 years.